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To all my old friends, colleagues, and acquaintances whom I deserted in Holmestrand in the 80’s; to all the dear friends that I left behind in “Småfolket” – “Little People”;  to my wife and our dear children;  to my two brothers.  To the colleagues I have today, and to anyone else who will lend an ear and spare a little of their precious time: Welcome to

Mitt vitnesbyrdMy heart’s desire with this website is to bring you the gospel of Christ and the doctrine of the apostles, just as Jesus commanded His disciples to do. For this reason, I am always looking for people who both believe and understand in their hearts that the words Jesus taught and commanded His disciples to keep, we also must learn to keep if we are to come to the same result, freedom from sin, and enjoy a good and blessed life here on this earth, and indeed for eternity!  

My testimony: If you would like to read my story—where I came from, how I was saved, and how I came to Brunstad Christian Church (, you can click on my photograph. 

Shoutbox: This box is intended for short questions, comments, tips, praise and criticism, etc.  If a number of people are online here at the same time, they can communicate with one another.  I ask that you only use constructive and appropriate language.  Cursing and swearing will not be tolerated and you will thereafter be denied access to this section of the site. 

Animation: Click on the picture in the box or the link in the menu in order to see a little film clip of the life and development of a believer.  The animated message in pictures is built on the gospel of Christ and the doctrine of the apostles, something that the book primarily deals with also. 

Information: This box will tell you at what times you will most likely be able to meet me online. 

Contact: If there is anything you wonder about or would like to tell me, please contact me via email.

With warm greetings, Robert Johansen.

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